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Armenia Visa Change


Exiting from UAE is one of the most crucial things since we need to make too many considerations like saving our time and money. Most of the times, this may not seem too considerable. You must be wondering and looking out for options on the easiest way of renewing your visa or waiting to get your new employment visa, without having to go back home.

Since you may already have heard of different types of visa changes available in the market, the Armenia visa change is a bit different. Say, for example, you have called your partner to visit UAE and his/her visa is near to expiration on a weekend. Maybe, going back home might not seem to be a feasible option for you. In such a scenario, what is better than having a mini-vacation together and returning back with a new visa in hand?

Armenia Visa Change

Choosing an exit to Armenia could work out the best especially when your visa is said to be expiring on a weekend. If you’re a Philippines nationality holder, you need not worry about applying for an Armenian visa, just pay 30 AED at the Yerevan Airport and you’re done. Armenia is one of the Eastern European countries known to be budget-friendly and stunning. You can get your Armenia visa change package within 2000 AED, inclusive of your UAE visa (30/90 days), Return Airfare, Hotel Accommodation and Free Airport Transfers.

To enter the territory of Armenia, you need to have your valid travel documents:

  1. A 6 months valid passport, that needs to be valid for a minimum of 3 months even after your return.
  2. A return airfare
  3. Hotel vouchers or hotel reservations in Armenia.
  4. In some cases, travel insurance covering a minimum of 30,000 Euros.
  5. Armenia tourist application form

To book your package, the basic documents required are:

  • A valid passport copy, front and back,
  • A clear white background photograph.

Armenia Visa Change

If you’re accompanying your infant or child for the visa change, then make sure you have your child/infant’s birth certificate and recent white background photograph to apply for their visa. In cases where you’re the sponsor of your spouse, the same must be mentioned on your as well as their passports. In some cases, the marriage certificate must also be required to be presented. The infant age considered is between 0-1 years and the child age is between 0-12 years, after which the passenger traveling has deliberated an adult. However, children under the age of 18, still need to be accompanied by an adult or a legal guardian if going for a visa change.

You will usually be booked a 3 nights’ hotel accommodation in Armenia with daily breakfast included at the hotel. The air tickets will be booked for the 4th day. In many cases, if you exit to Armenia, you may require staying there for a minimum of 3 days, depending on the day of your exit. In many scenarios, the visa approvals from the Dubai immigration are within a day or two after the exit of the passenger.

Remember, to always send your exit stamp to your respective travel agent to ensure your UAE visa has been applied.

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