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Eid holiday Packages


Confused on what to do this Eid-Al-Adha 2018? Expected to begin on the 22nd of August 2018 which translates to be a long break expected in the month of August this year, these Eid holiday deals will definitely pump your summers up.

  1. Ukraine

Why you should go: A relatively new destination that has been overlooked by mainstream travelers but is rich in culture, and nature that will leave any traveler awestricken. Being a country of diverse landscapes, long histories and abundance of beauty with a visa-on-arrival for Indians, overlooking this destination would be a wrong decision. By booking a Ukraine Eid package, you’ll be one step closer to this off-beat country.

Flight duration: 6 Hours.

Total package cost: AED 2169, read more.

Ukraine Holiday Package

  1. Georgia

Why you should go: Georgia is a vibrant gem of the Eurasian continent with everything for each type of travelers. Historical buff, adventurous activities, ancient and modern architecture that satisfies your needs as a tourist. Much like the landscapes of the country is the diversity of the Georgian food and hospitality that will make you fall in love with it, instantly. So spend your Georgia holidays with some of the best it has got in store for you.

Flight duration: 3 Hours 30 Minutes.

Total package cost: AED 2479, find out:

Georgia Eid Holidays

  1. Baku

Why you should go: “Always” a great choice for the ones who like modernity with a dash of old something that resembles the modern Flame Towers lighting up after dusk. The capital city of Azerbaijan is all about attractiveness and layers of history just waiting for you to explore. Due to its geographical location, Azerbaijan is a crossroad between the East and West and that’s what adds on to its beauty. So without further ado, book your Baku Eid Package and tick it off your list.

Flight duration: 3 Hours.

Total package cost: AED 2199, here’s the deal.

Baku Eid Package

  1. Armenia

Why you should go: The hype for this country is for real. Even though it has been overlooked by tourists over the years, but the ones who have been here known for a fact that it’s rich in cultures and heritage where traditional food abounds. You’ll be greeted with the friendly atmosphere with a view of the stunning attractions it has. No matter which alley it is, or the corners of the country – they’re all depicting tales and you’ll be mesmerized. So book your Armenia holiday package today!

Flight duration: 3 Hours.

Total package cost: AED 1919, click to book.

Armenia Eid package

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