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Dubai Adventure


One of best things about the UAE is the so many ways in which you could have a great memorable time. You probably already know this, if you recently became a resident here, or if you have been staying here for a while, now. Nevertheless, we know that if you live in the UAE as an employee, life could get pretty hectic, and you probably do not have the time to experience as much of it as you would love to. Which is why we suggest the following. Pick a time period, may it be your annual leave or just a time during which you would not be swamped with work. Invite one or more of your close friends to come to visit Dubai, and start trying out all the things you have been missing out on in the UAE. Whether they are close friends of yours or relatives that you love, there is nothing like making priceless memories with the ones you love.


The process of them coming over will not be a hassle, as the UAE visa application is simple, easy and they could manage to do it on a budget – we bet you would all rather spend your money going on adventures rather than submitting paperwork. As no one like to waste time and effort, advise them to apply for an online visa to the UAE.

Now, to the best part!

Of course, you could go on the default Dubai adventures, such as desert safaris, camping trips, or mountain hiking. However, that is not all; you could try out something with less heat involved.

Desert Safari

Try going on a Dinner in the Sky, perfectly safe, yet eating while seeing an entire city below your feet will definitely pump your adrenaline a bit. Try zip lining across the sky at Jais Mountain, there is nothing quite like rushing across the sky from one peak of the highest mountain in the country to the other peak.

Zipline Rak

Another adventure you could try is swimming with sharks. They would never let anyone is bitten, so get in that aquarium with a strong heart! Yes, the sharks are in an aquarium – an extremely huge aquarium! Gazing at it alone is something people would not get to go anywhere else, because where have you ever heard of an indoor huge shark aquarium. You will also meet some of the most interesting sea creatures in there.

Dubai is known to be home to so many skyscrapers; forget going to the top to take a selfie with the city, and try taking that selfie while floating in the sky. Skydiving! Needless to say that the adrenaline rush here is like no other. Also, you will treasure the photos that will document your jump for as long as you live.

sky diving

So come on urge your loved ones to apply for that Dubai tourist visa and start living.

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