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Abu Dhabi Feature

Abu Dhabi

Better to see something once, than to always hear about it.

Discover why Abu Dhabi is known as the City of luxury, charismatic beauty and an ocean of Hopes! It’s here, where half of the world is either staying or is planning to.

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Burj Al Arab Breakfast Feature


You name it Dubai has it. And if doesn't have it, its building it.

The commercial capital city of the UAE has much more than your expectations. It’s a city of world records and makes your holidays feel lively. It’s here where people don’t wait for things to happen, but make them happen.

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Fujairah 800x502


The best kind of remedy is the beach therapy.

If stunning beach resorts are your thing, then Fujairah is where you should definitely head to. It’s a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional worlds all under one roof.

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Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah

What is life without a grand adventure?

The Emirate that is backed by a series of adventures is one of the best escapes in the UAE. Not only does boost your adrenaline but takes you in an era of archaeological excavations that dates back to centuries.

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Al Ain 1


If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love Al Ain.

Garden City of the UAE as it is known to be is not something you should miss out on. Home to intriguing history and nature, Al Ain will surely be a retreat if you’re tired of the city’s hustle bustle.

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Let’s wander to remember how to feel alive.

The best kind of holidays are where you get to explore more than one thing in a day. It’s here where adventure meets nature, and fun meets relaxation

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