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Good news for Illegal Residents


It is now confirmed that the Residents (expats) who are living in any part of the United Arab Emirates without the legal documents are able to apply for the new amnesty scheme. These illegal residents can apply for an amnesty scheme without going back home or any facing jail terms and penalties.

What you need to know:

  1. The illegal Residents can avail the amnesty for a period of 3 months starting from 1st August to 31st October 2018.
  2. Any individual who has entered the country illegally is eligible to apply for the amnesty but he/she will have to exit the country with a 2 years ban.
  3. These new UAE rules provide the illegal residents a chance to go back to your home country without serving a jail sentence.
  4. After availing this amnesty scheme, there will be no ban on the re-entry, one can enter the country on the basis of his/her valid visa.
  5. Those of you who wish to exit the country and go back home without paying fines or want to regularize your legal status under a new visa sponsor can apply for this amnesty.
  6. Blacklisted individuals or the ones who have legal cases against them are not eligible for amnesty.
  7. If any individual is said to have an absconding record, the immigration will remove the absconding report against the person after the payment of Dh 500. Post-payment, the exit permit will be provided. However, there will be no ban issued on the respective person.

Amnesty scheme



How to apply for amnesty:

Illegal residents can directly approach the immigration offices in the UAE and get their exit permits.

There are 9 centers that are located around the UAE.

Documents required:

  • Original passport and emergency certificate (EC) along with their application of the applicant
  • Valid return home ticket if want to exit the country
  • If someone having no passport will be given an emergency certificate that will be issued by the respective consulate.

The fees:

  • A fee of AED 220 for an exit permit.
  • A fee of AED 500 for modifying the residency status.

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