Asia is a bit too huge to cover, but a bit too interesting not to try and explore every bit of it. The best way to attempt to do that is to try to cover more than a single destination on each trip you take. The smart way to do that would be by picking destinations that are geographically close to each other, in order not to waste time and money on more travel.

Hong Kong and Macau happen to make two perfect close-by destinations to hit both on a single trip. Here is how to make the most of both of them.

Hong Kong Tours

One of the first tour any Hong Kong visitor goes to is Disneyland. This does not only appeal to kids. Even if some adults do not admit it, they love going to Disneyland, because who would miss the chance to meet their favorite childhood characters in real life and spend a day or two in their world. A perfect escape when adulthood gets a bit too tricky.

Many tend to visit the Victoria Peak which is a lavish lookout point, where you get to view the entire surroundings with telescopes. For a bit of excitement and fun nightlife, you could head to the Tsim Sha Tsui; also great for shopping. Last but not least, is the China Tower, of course.

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Macau Tours

Think of it as Vegas, but with an easier entry visa, and a cheaper flight. That is, in fact, its nickname, and it is well earned. If you are interested in a bit of gambling adventure or an outrageous night out, Macau is the place to go. You can forget all about your troubles and responsibilities, and break free for a night across the town’s most fun shopping malls and casinos. Taipa is an island that is also home to many casinos in addition to many venues where you could play sports for fun.

The Macau Tower, asides from being beautiful and with a great view, has a revolving restaurant, where you could dine whilst enjoying a 360 degrees view of your surroundings.

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