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It’s every traveler’s nightmare of not being allowed to board a flight. It feels like the trip has ended before even beginning. But, you can now definitely avoid offloading in a few simplest steps. Just remember a few things and you’re sorted.

What is offloading?

It is a process of barring a traveler from departing or leaving from a particular country. There have been many causes of offloading that vary from either being insufficient travel documentation or security issues. A face-to-face interview with the immigration official may be both frustrating and surprising.

For every traveler who is fearful about being offloaded from the Philippines, the question remains: how to avoid it?

  1. Carry the right and sufficient documents.

Always have each and every supporting papers ready. Remember, your passport needs to be valid for six months or more and you need to have a valid visa to the destination you’re traveling to, if required.


If you’re traveling as a tourist, you are required to show your proof of financial capability with supporting documents like hotel bookings, salary certificates or bank statements. You will also be required to show your return ticket back to Philippines, indicating that it will not exceed the allowed period at your intended destination of your visit. The main purpose is to define your itinerary clearly.

If you’re an OFW then you’d be required to show your company contract or proof of an overseas worker (Work visa or OEC etc.)

For travelers who are depending on other group of individuals for sponsoring their trip will have to provide the immigration officials with an Affidavit of Support, or invitation letters that are authenticated by the Philippines embassy at the intended destination.

  1. Be confident during your interview

Travelers are usually offloaded because of inappropriate and incorrect answers to the immigration officials even if all their documents are right.

Always answer in the right and appropriate manner and provide the information only as per what is asked. If you’re traveling to Dubai with a tourist visa and you talk about finding a job or helping your family, then you’re definitely going to be off-loaded. The key is a having confidence in answering whatever you are asked. If your travel is valid, there should be no problem for you.

  1. Be firm with your purpose of travel

Confidence always brings assurance to the immigration officials that the travelers know their purpose of visit and know about the destination. The officials will ask you a few questions and these questions need to prove whether your travel is valid or not. Do not appear nervous in front of the officer.

Just remember, the officials only want to ensure a legitimate and right travel and safeguard travelers from getting into any kind of trouble.

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