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How To Have A Cheap Visa Change For Filipines


A visa change within 1000 bucks? That’s some good news.

The time near to an expiring visa and the fear of going back home is not something some of us may even like. An experience we may try to escape, always. For the Filipinos that want to stay longer in UAE and those who still haven’t got enough to explore the country and make the most out of these opportunities, can always choose this option.

The cheapest way to get a new UAE visa in hand is going through a visa change to Oman by bus. It’s the quickest and the affordable option. But the question is how?

By availing the Oman visa package you get a chance to travel to Oman from Dubai with an Oman visa in hand.

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However, it has its conditions:

  1. It is valid only if you are a Philippines passport holder.
  2. You do not get on planes, you take a bus to the hotel in Oman, and a bus back once your UAE Visa is approved.


What is the Oman Visa Change Package?

Like other visa change packages, this one is also almost the same.

You have to follow a few steps to know how to go about with it.

Step 1: You check upon when your visa is expiring.

Step 2: Inform your Tabeer agent about your last day of exit. Make sure you book your seats to Oman a week before your visa expires due to the availability of seats and the issuance of your Oman visa.<>

Step 3: Once you have paid, you will receive a confirmation email with all the required details.

THIS PACKAGE IS INCLUSIVE OF:How To Have A Cheap Visa Change For Filipines

  • Oman Visa
  • UAE Visa (30/90) days
  • 2-way transportation
  • All formalities


  • Hotel accommodation
  • Tours in Oman

The process is quite convenient and easy. All you have to do is book your seats for the visa change at least a week prior to your visa expiration. Your agent will apply for your Oman visa. As soon as your visa is applied you will be sent for your visa change according to the date scheduled.

Upon arriving in Oman, you can check-in at our hotel at 50 AED per night rate. During your stay at Oman, you can also take up various tours that are being offered by us.

Once your agent notifies you about your approved UAE visa, you can get back to the hotel reception and book your seat back to Dubai.

PS- Make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months.

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