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Imagine Going Back To Your Childhood Life


What if there was a place where you could be given a chance to re-live all your childhood memories? Or a place where everything you see comes to life? Those cartoons you spent hours watching, imagine them standing right in front of you. Or, the comic characters? It’s surely going to get butterflies in your stomach.

The Marvel comics, The Power Puff Girls, the roller coasters – are all a part of this realism.

We’re talking about none other than, the IMG Worlds of Adventure.

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It’s super huge. The IMG Worlds of Adventure is actually divided into 4 marvelous adventurous zones with significant 20 signature rides. You could start with the Lost Valley, mostly known as The Dinosaur Adventures Zone that might just give you a nostalgic feeling of being in a jungle setting with the dinosaurs just like how it was in the Jurassic Park. The creatures here are made by keeping every detail in their mind. They have been matched with their ancestors and are able to move, breathe and feel as real as they possibly could to anyone.

Closely connected to the Lost Valley is the best part of the theme park – The Cartoon Network. Almost all of us may have grown up watching Mojojo and the Power puff girls or Ben 10. It’s completely dedicated to the ones who love cartoons – be it the little ones or the adults. It fits the taste of all.

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And you know what? There are around 28 food stalls all across the park, each having a theme of its own. Imagine having a Cartoon Network-themed feast with your little ones? Cute, isn’t it?

Don’t get lost at the Cartoon Network, but make a move towards the next zone “The Marvel”. Imagine yourself surrounded by all the superheroes that you may have only seen on television. Be it the Avengers or Spiderman or even the Green bulky man – The Hulk. They’re all here to welcome you in a marvelous way.

If you’re tired of the crazy and thrilling rides, you can head to indulge yourself in some shopping experiences. You can buy yourself quick souvenirs that would always remind you of the fun you had at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. You can choose from a variety of thematic merchandises from all of your favorite heroes and comic characters, and could also gift it to someone who loves them as much as you do?!

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End your day here by visiting the most top rated attraction of the park – The Haunted Hotel. It’s a must visit. If you’re someone who wants something out of the blue, then this has to be on your list. It’s been made for an extraordinary experience. The Haunted Hotel is not a place where you wouldn’t expect luxury or freshness, but things that can give you hair-raising screams aloud. Even the food served here is a delight for all meat-lovers. It’s the kind of scare you wouldn’t rave about but a place that you wouldn’t miss out on.

This place right here will take you to a world of imaginations and nightmares coming true.

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