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Dubai is known for many things and has become a worldwide destination for many travelers and dreamers for numerous reasons. The city that is home to some of the most luxurious lifestyles known to man. The city that is extremely modern and simultaneously historic with a vast culture. The city that holds so much beautiful architecture, interesting museums, huge shopping malls, an extremely huge diversity of people, food, and cultures. The city is known for its high temperatures, with theme parks and cafes made of snow and ice.

Dubai adventure


Whatever you can imagine or dream of, you can find in Dubai. Whether you are looking for beaches to tan on, adventurous desert safaris, cruises in the gulf, shops to get lost in, parks that offer ultimate experiences, or museums that take you on a trip not only through the history of the UAE but the whole world. Dubai literally offers you everything, and that is the reason why tourists never want to leave when they experience being there, and immigrants are racing for the chance to start a life there.

Desert Safari

That is why we are providing you with this solution in case you are a tourist there who is about to face that disappointing moment of having to exit the country, due to your tourist entry visa’s validity coming to an end. We suggest you change your visa, by going to an airport to airport exit.

An Airport-to-Airport visa change is exactly what it sounds like. You will book a two-way plane ticket to a close by country. This two way flight is quick and airfare is cheap.airplane

How to get your UAE change visa at airport?

The process is pretty simple. After deciding on the day you plan to exit the country on, you will book your return flight, from either Sharjah or Dubai International Airport. You will arrive at the airport on that day, head over to the Hala section in Sharjah International Airport (or Marhaba in Dubai). Your ticket will be labeled as a ticket accepted for UAE visa change purposes.


After receiving your boarding pass from the check-in counter, the process is as usual. Your passport will be stamped by an exit stamp from the immigration area, which you will forward to your travel agent, who, in turn, will apply for your new entry visa to the UAE. Once you return and land safely in Dubai or Sharjah, all you need to do now is wait patiently for your new visa to be approved by the authorities.

That is it! Continue exploring, as we promise you that no matter how much of the Emirates you have experienced, there will be more just waiting for you to explore.

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