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Whether you’re looking for your employment visa approvals or having friends or family members wanting to get their stay extended, there are times where getting a visa change gets necessary. And what’s better than getting your stay extended with a good budget?

With a little research and planning, visa changes might not be as stressful as you may perceive it to be. This guide helps you plan out through the ins and outs of the entire procedure and giving you an insight of how it could be done within 1 or 2 business days.

Methods of renewal of visa

The Oman visa change can be done in two ways:

  1. By bus or land
  2. By air

Usually, a border run entitles for three essential steps:

  1. Receiving an exit stamp on your passport.
  2. Getting an entry stamp upon arriving at the Oman border.
  3. Re-entering UAE with an exit stamp.

The mandatory documents you require for your travel:

  1. A six months valid passport
  2. A clear white background passport sized photograph.
  3. A valid Oman visa
  4. Cancellation papers, if you’ve had a previous UAE residence/employment visa.

How to plan for it?

Oman Visa Image

Always remember, a valid passport is required to enter a visa, along with an Oman visa. For a visa change, you’d require a valid Oman tourist visa and that takes about 2-3 working days. The tourist visa is for single entry and is valid for only 30 days.

If your passport doesn’t have a validity of a period of no less than six months, then you’d be denied to travel and there are high possibilities on the rejection of your visa application as well.


If you’re planning to book for an Oman visa change by land, then you’d have to book your package 2 weeks in advance to block your seats since you’d be taken to Oman by bus transportation. You could book yours by contacting any of our travel agents.

If you have chosen to take the Oman visa change by air, then it doesn’t require any prior booking. However, we recommended you to still book your seats at least a week prior to your last date of exit to avoid last minute booking fees as well as no availability of seats by the airline.

Both the packages include a valid Oman visa, UAE visa. If you’re traveling by land then there is a 2-way transportation available. If you’re traveling by air, then free transfer to the airport is provided to the passenger traveling.

Mid-week visa changes are recommended since the visa approvals are faster, and you could possibly return back to UAE within a day. Weekends call for more traffic and hassle and visa approval could take you more than just a day.

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