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Oman Visa Change


Changing your UAE tourist visa could be a hassle, or it could be a simple, quick and smooth process. If you have looked this up before, you probably already know your options. One option is to go back to your home country and wait for your next chance to visit the UAE. The second option is to exit by getting on a plane to a neighboring country and returning immediately as you wait for your visa at the airport. Another option also involves flying; however, it is to a completely different destination to tour while waiting to return to UAE. These three options, along with more available options, are all good and might suit some needs of many tourists. Another option is there for visa-changers, though. That is an exit to Oman from Dubai by bus. It is technically a visa change via a bus ride, but it certainly has its perquisites.

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First of all, and this is stating the obvious, it is considerably cheap. When compared to any other visa change package, they all include an airfare to be paid, while the Oman visa change by bus package only involves a bus ride and the Oman visa, which many travel agencies offer cheaply, or sometimes even free.

Anyway, saving money is not the only benefit of opting for an exit to Oman for visa change. One really awesome side of this story is that you get to visit two close cities, that you might not have thought of visiting otherwise – Al Ain, in the UAE, and Al Buraimi in Oman. You might not have time to get down in Al Ain to explore it on your way to exit, but that is okay. We guarantee that by passing through it, you will be motivated to come back once you are back touring Dubai. Nonetheless, here are some of the most exciting, interesting, and fun things to do in Al Buraimi, to ensure you make the most of your visa change package.

Spending a couple of days in Al Buraimi?

You could visit the famous castle known as Al Khandaq Castle, which was built in the beginning of the 19th century and was named Al Khandaq because of the large trench surrounding the ancient castle from all sides. There is also a shopping mall where you can buy souvenirs reminding you of this short visit to a new destination.

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Visiting Al Ain: The City of Gardens

Once you are back in the UAE, make sure to come back to this side of the country. In this area of the Emirates, you could go on the most adventurous desert safaris, hot air balloon rides, experience some traditions like falconry. Al Ain also has an agricultural park, a palace and a museum for you to visit, not to mention an Oasis!

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All in all, going on an exit to Oman helps you see a different side of the UAE, and the ability to explore is reason enough to avail it.





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