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Same Day Visa


If like many tourists in Dubai, you are considering ways in which you could extend your time as a tourist in this beautiful city, you must have come across many solutions to do so. Most, if not all, of the UAE visa change packages, include traveling to another country – May that be your home country or any destination – and waiting there for your new UAE visa.


What if you did not have to do that? Imagine not having to fly back home or going to a new country, where you will have to stay at a hotel and an expensive flight ticket. We recommend you go on an A to A visa package.

A-to-A is short for an airport to airport visa change. This is by far the fastest and most preferred visa change method among tourists in the United Arab Emirates. Let us take a look at why that is.


Less waste of time

Going on an A-to-A involves a short two-way flight. The flight is usually to nearby countries such as Oman, or Bahrain. If you do not already know, these flights do not exceed a single hour spent on the plane. Also, this is the option where same day visa approval is a possibility.

Visa Approval

Money Saver

An airport to airport visa change is relatively the cheapest visa change package you could apply for, asides from an Oman visa change – too bad that is only available to certain nationalities.

If you think about it, you would not visit a different country to spend less than a day there and then return. That is due to many reasons. One, a flight ticket to any far away country would cost you way more than that booked for an A-to-A. Two, considering that what you pay for the airport visa change includes any expenses you might need. If you decide to change your visa in any other way, you are bound to face more expenses wherever you might be going, that you would not need at an airport while waiting for your visa approval.

After all, the sooner you could get back to the tourist life in the UAE the happier you will be.


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