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Travel to Dubai


With modern architectures, incredible resorts, and most happening nightlife makes it an ultimate place to see fashion, richness and stunning skylines. There is no wonder why any avid traveler wouldn’t want to plan a visit to UAE. It’s known to be a city where you’d never run out from things to do or experience. Be it adventures, food to try out on or chilling at a beach resort, it’s a perfect holiday ride for all.

What all you need to travel here?

  • A valid UAE tourist visa available for 14 days, 30 or 90 days depending upon the preference of the traveler.
  • UAE dirhams to spend on.
  • Know a few Arabic words like Marhaba (Formal hello), Hala (Informal hello), Shukran (Thank you) etc.


What is the best time to be here?

Dubai faces explicitly two kinds of weather conditions – summers and the winters. According to what you expect to do, you can plan your trip here accordingly.

The winter months range from December to February and it feels like summer for the rest of the months. Unless you’re a heat and humidity fan, visiting Dubai during the months of June to September is best to be avoided.

Between the months of October to May is considered the best time to be here, when you can enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of 20°C.

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How to get here?

Dubai is an ideal location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa which means almost 1/3rd of the total world’s population is nearly only 4 hours away of a flight away from Dubai.

Dubai is known to have one of the best networks of different modes of transportations be it air, land or sea; also connecting quite a few Arab countries. With an extensive air network, over 125 airlines are said to reach the boundaries of this city.

What to know?

  1. Dubai is home to around 200 different nationalities.
  2. It’s a cosmopolitan city and the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates that comprises of 7 Emirates or states; Dubai being the second largest.
  3. Being a largely Muslim based nation, all travelers are recommended to always dress modestly especially when in malls or in public places.
  4. The weekend in Dubai is on Fridays and Saturdays.
  5. The main languages spoken are Arabic, English, and Hindi/Urdu.
  6. Public Display of Affection is prohibited.
  7. Excessive public drinking is not allowed.
  8. Swearing or using rude hand gestures are considered an act of law breaking and could lead to huge fines.
  9. Always greet with your right hands. Pious Muslim women do not shake hands with any of their non-family members.
  10. Photography is strictly prohibited in designated areas. Breaking of this rule can lead to imprisonment or fines.
  11. Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world.
  12. You can visit the other emirates of the UAE, even if you land in Dubai.


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