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If you find yourself stuck between cancellations of residency or employment visa or your UAE tourist visa is near to expiration and need to get a new UAE tourist visa to fix your problems, then this quick guide can surely serve you better.

The Oman visa change can be done under three conditions:

  1. If you’re a Filipino nationality holder.
  2. If your UAE visa is near to expiration and you need to renew your visa or if you’re from the cancellation of previous residence or employment visa.
  3. You are not a low profession holder. Please check with our agents before booking.

The process of the visa change:

  1. Once you’ve booked yourself a seat for the visa change, you will be notified and confirmed once your Oman tourist visa is approved.
  2. On the day of your visa change, you need to arrive as per the designated time is given to you by your agent. In case if you’re taking the visa change by air, be sure to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to your departure time.
  3. Once you’ve boarded the bus, your journey to Oman would take around 6 hours by road and 1 hour if you’re going by air. Once you’ve exited UAE, make sure you send your exit stamp to your travel agent.Oman Visa Banner
  4. Upon arriving at the border, you will have to present your valid passport along with your valid Oman visa and cancellation papers/out pass, if you’ve got any of them. This is applicable also when you reach the Oman airport.
  5. Upon reaching the Oman border, you will have to pay a border fee of 40 AED after which your passports will be stamped with the Oman visa. Remember, the visa is only valid for 30-days and permits only a single entry, which means once you have exited Oman, the visa will not remain valid and you will not be able to enter Oman with the same visa again.
  6. During your stay in Oman, you can check-in at the hostel in Oman for AED 50 per night. The visa processing may take a minimum of 2-3 workings days.
  7. Once your UAE visa has been approved, you will be notified upon which you can book your seat back to UAE. In case of traveling to Oman by air, the same procedure is to be followed.


  1. Always book your seats 2 weeks prior to visa expiration.
  2. Always carry sufficient funds during your stay in Oman.
  3. A border fee of 40 AED is to be paid at the Oman border.
  4. Carry your valid travel documents.
  5. Do not carry any liquid items or medicines without prescriptions.
  6. Your Oman visa is only valid for 30-days. However, you get a grace period of 10 days without a fine. Failure to exit the country will cost you overstay fine for each day.
  7. Make sure you enter UAE within 14 days of the issuance of your UAE visa.
  8. Always stay polite and respectful during your stay.
  9. You don’t require a prior hotel reservation if you’re going for a visa change. The hostel is to be booked upon arrival.
  10. You can also take tours of the country until your UAE visa is been processed.
  11. The Oman visa change runs only between Sundays to Wednesdays. Stock Photo 66888765

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