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Top 6 Visa Changes


Planning on staying longer than you expected in the UAE? Remember that overstaying your tourist visa validity is always a bad idea, and here are the best options you have got, instead.

What is airport to airport visa change?

The Airport-to-Airport visa change is where you just board two flights, the first one leaving Dubai or Sharjah, and the second one returning to it. It is usually a very short flight to a nearby destination, such as Oman or Bahrain. You get your exit stamp as you exit the UAE, and you wait for your newly applied tourist visa when you return. Easy, isn’t it?

Turning the Exit into a Short Holiday

If you think this sounds exciting, we totally agree. Instead of returning to your home city, or just exiting for a few hours and returning to wait back within the walls of an airport in the UAE, how about something a bit more fun? You can exit to a destination that has simple or no visa requirements, and spend a few nights there while your new UAE tourist visa is processed. When it comes to UAE visa change, here are some of the most popular exit packages.

What is Armenia Visa Change?

The question is that how to get Armenia visa change? This visa change package does not get your visa only but gives you an amazing opportunity to see the beautiful country of Armenia. A Dubai to Armenia exit is where you get to experience a mixture of beautiful nature and historical architecture.

Armenia landscape

What is Azerbaijan Visa Change?

Where you have got both sea and mountains. The capital city, Baku, is known for the medieval architecture in its Inner City surrounded by a wall. Within those walls, you can witness history being told by an ancient palace, a tower and the royal hideout that dates back to the fifteenth century.


What is Kyrgyzstan Visa Change?

Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia, and the country runs along the Silk Road, South of which lies an ancient city with an extremely busy and quite huge bazaar. The country land is majorly taken over by the mountains known as the Tian Shan. Inhabiting those mountains are some really interesting animals, such as lynx and snow leopards. A very intriguing destination.

Stock Photo 177795763

What is Sri Lanka Visa Change?

The beautiful island with green rainforests and sandy beaches. You will get to visit some gorgeous ruins and Buddhist temples and make friends with the friendliest animals.

sri lanka

What is Oman Visa Change by Bus?

The Oman exit by bus is one of the easiest visa change solutions, and by easiest, we mostly mean cheapest. It is basically a bus ride with a couple of nights spent in Buraimi – a city in Oman. Save up on a flight fare, and check out the history and culture of Oman.


Next time you are considering the visa change, you can choose any one of these above visa change packages according to your budget.

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