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We Were Surprised About This Dhow Cruise


We’ve got the best dhow cruise for you, no jokes. If you’re crazy about having a million Instagram worth photos of the beautiful skyline of Dubai, then you should surely not miss out on this one.

Forget about the traditional dhow cruises and try out something much cooler and grander.

No, it’s not the creek dhow cruise, we’re talking about the Marina Glass Boat Cruise. Ever heard about it? If not, then let us tell you this cruise is for the people who would want to experience the Dubai skyscrapers in a glass boat. It’s lit, no jokes guys!

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The Marina Glass Boat Cruise is available at the Dubai Marina and is said to provide the best opportunity to those of us who would want to spend some romantic time in a beautiful setting or just a lavish dinner on a cruise that is a perfect synonym of luxury.

This Glass Boat Cruise is designed with two decks, while the lower deck is covered with glass all around it and the upper deck is open, only with a beautiful glass ceiling. As the lights are turned on, they shimmer and reflect into the waters, creating a mesmerizing shadow of colors, and honestly a picture worth capturing.

Just like the traditional dhow cruises, this one is also a 2 Hours ride that would start at 8:00 pm. However, you are always requested to be there by 8:15 pm to board the cruise if you’re reaching there by your own. In cases where you’d like a transfer as well, then you can simply choose Pinoy Tourism’s Marina Glass Boat Cruise Tour, their package is inclusive of the transfers, so you are on time.

As you board the cruise, you’ll be welcomed with Arabic dates and a delicious welcome drink. Don’t worry about the music, it’s always got the Arabic themed music being played that sets your mood for the evening.

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Dining in this Glass Boat Cruise is a fantastic experience, we assure you. You’ll be given a 3-course meal that you can savor upon while viewing the glittery skyline. It’s an international buffet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Yes, there is an array of desserts for all the sweet teeth. The choice of enjoying the dinner on the upper or lower deck is your choice. Great isn’t it? For 2 good hours, you will be viewing and admiring Dubai right from Dubai Marina, to the Palm Jumeirah, The Lagoons.


Along this way, you’ll come across The Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm, Marina Promenade and not to forget the world’s twisted tower called as The Cayan Tower – all of them in a setting that will make you feel on top of the world. Believe us, you’ll not be able to stop yourself from capturing them.


How can one miss entertainment? To make your evening memorable and fun there are various entertainment activities for all guests. There are traditional Arabic dances famously known as Belly Dancing or Tanura Dancing.

What surprised us what so many things offered at such a reasonable price. Also, if you’re wishing to celebrate any of your favorite days, they can make arrangements too. Amazing isn’t it?

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Imagine, a cold chilly night with a hot cup of coffee/tea in your hands and your favorite person besides you, watching the beauty of Dubai glittering and shimmering in its skyscrapers. Feelings and moments you’ll cherish forever!

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