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Where to Tour in France & Switzerland

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Where to Tour in France & Switzerland

Since France and Switzerland are definitely on the top of the bucket lists of almost all travelers, here is a small guide to the best touristic spots and attractions that, over the time, became the reason why so many curious travelers head there.


Where to tour in France:

Well, you could go on many France tours in Nice or Lyon or any of the beautiful cities in France. However, Paris is the main destination, the main tourist attraction, and actually, the most visited city in the world. So, here are the Paris tourist attractions that you must pass by while visiting.

France night

Are you interested in art, artists, history, and beauty? It goes without saying that the Louvre Museum is a must-visit. No matter what kind of art you are interested in, or which artists have succeeded to amaze you throughout history, the largest art museum in the world is bound to have a lot to show you!

Eiffel tower

If you want to document your trip in the most common way, the Eiffel tower awaits you. Mesmerize your eyes upon the gorgeous view from the top, feel the beauty at its best, and take the selfies and photos for the tangible memories.

If you are interested in finding out how Paris got to be where it is, we recommend a visit to a few museums and churches, where a guide could tell you the whole stories you are dying to hear.

Where to tour in Switzerland:

When you know that something in Swiss made, you know that this, by default, assures that it is of high quality. The Switzerland tours that you could go on are no different. The country has a lot to offer, and all that you see will be an unforgettable experience in itself.


If you are interested in an outdoorsy activity, or an adventure of a kind, hit the Matterhorn Mountain. The mountain is located in Zermatt, is huge in size and pyramid-like in shape. Its magnificence made it one of the most photographed mountains worldwide, and thereby, it has become one of the most popular destinations among tourists. You could try climbing it, or hop on a cable car and try skiing.


If you are more interested in history and relaxing nature, try Lake Geneva, and its surroundings. The lake itself is gorgeous and perfect for a stroll, photographs, or just meditating and gazing towards heaven. Surrounding the lake, along with its banks, you will find the most beautifully built “chateaus”. Castles so historic you will feel as if you were in a classic novel.

Lake Geneva

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